McKenna to seek fifth term as Recorder of Deeds

Betty Lou McKenna

DOVER — Betty Lou McKenna, who was appointed to another term as Kent County Recorder of Deeds by then-Gov. Jack Markell in a topsy-turvy race with Republican challenger La Mar Gunn in 2015, has announced plans to seek a fifth term.

Ms. McKenna, a Kent County native, described herself as “a lifelong Democrat with experience, integrity, dedication and knowledge of her position.”

Mr. Gunn had presumably won the Recorder of Deeds position by two votes on election day in 2014. However, there were four recounts of the votes, the final of which ended up in a tie in front of a Supreme Court judge.

By law, the seat was declared vacant, and Gov. Markell was able to appoint the officeholder. He chose Ms. McKenna, a fellow Democrat.

Even that drawn-out election process wasn’t enough to make Ms. McKenna not consider running for re-election this year.

“I am running for re-election because of my I experience in county government, knowledge of the office of Recorder of Deeds and the wonderful relationship I have with my staff and other employees and elected officials in county government,” Ms. McKenna said. “I have received several requests from friends, family, county employees and constituents.”

The Kent County Recorder of Deeds is responsible for receiving and indexing for recording all legal documents pertaining to land, such as property deeds, liens, mortgages, powers of attorney, subdivision plots and many other related and miscellaneous documents.

Ms. McKenna was first elected as Recorder of Deeds in November 2002 and re-elected over the next three election cycles.

Among her accomplishments with Kent County, she said she has upgraded the computer system to a state-of-the-art program that provides a 24-hour recording process compared to a two- to three-week process when she was first elected into office and has renewed the software contract at no additional cost to the county.

She said she has also implemented the capability to access documents online and, in 2013, added e-recording to the system She was the first recorder of deeds in the state to provide the service and she labeled it “a huge success.”

Ms. McKenna has worked for state, municipal and county governments for many years and touts her experience in an administrative background in knowing how to deal with the public.

She said she has an extremely qualified staff with many years of service to the residents and business community in Kent County and is “proud of the fairness and honesty that she and her staff exercise on a daily basis.”

“I am committed to serving Kent County by overseeing the recording and indexing of documents in a timely and efficient manner, by courteously responding to requests for help and information, by collecting and properly accounting for the appropriate fees and providing my employees with motivation and the experience so each of them can enjoy progressing toward a higher level as a skilled and progressive worker,” Ms. McKenna said.

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