Middleton hopes to bring fresh perspective to Levy Court


DOVER — Running as a Republican, Philadelphia-born Charlotte Middleton is vying for the 1st District Levy Court seat. Mrs. Middleton has been living in Delaware for 12 years with her husband and four children. She holds an associate’s degree in business, an associate’s degree in science, a diploma in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in community health and nursing education.

Charlotte Middleton


Currently, Mrs. Middleton is a member of the American Nurses Association, treasurer of the Diamond Bay Chapter of Medical Surgical Nurses, board member of the First State Gymnastic Athletic Association, previous member of the Honor Society of Nursing Sigma Theta Tau, and previous vice president of True Love International Mission organization.

During a question and answer session, Mrs. Middleton cited what she thinks makes her a good candidate for the Levy Court seat:

Q: Why are you running for this office?

A: “I have a master’s degree in community health and I’ve been out taking care of the community for almost 20 years now and I love doing what I do. I love helping people. I feel like getting involved at a different level is going to broaden my scope of practice and it’s also going to help extend my reach into the community. My goal as Levy Court commissioner is to channel my fresh sense of purpose and oversight in order to produce the best outcomes involving safety, health, and well being of our thriving communities in the present and future.

I want to be a positive change agent in the court. Mr. Banta has been in the position for 20 years, that’s a long time. I strongly believe that individuals shouldn’t stay in these types of offices for more than two terms. I think two terms is enough to go in, learn about it, make some good changes, offer your fresh perspective and ideas. After two terms though, the individual should move on to something else and take their skills that they learned from it to help in another way. This way, other people have an opportunity to help. My running for this office is offering people an opportunity to make a change. I have what it takes, I am qualified for the position and I want to put myself out there. I would limit myself to two terms. That’s my goal. I want to go in and serve two terms and do everything I can to the best of my ability and then move on to something else that I can be more effective at. After a while, a position like this is like any other job, if you’ve been somewhere for too long, you might start to become ineffective because things are changing. This is especially true in politics. There are a lot of career politicians. It’s the same people and nothing changes.

Q: What important skills from your background will you bring to the Levy Court?

A: “I will bring a fresh perspective and vision to the court. I am a person that always follows up, I am committed, truthful and honest. I am also dedicated and thoughtful. As nurses we’re trained to hit the ground running, you have to know how to use your critical thinking skills to have the best outcome for the patient.

Q: What are the personal or professional accomplishments of which you are most proud?

A: I am proud that I was able to obtain my master’s degree in the area of study that I wanted. As a mother, I struggled to get everything done and raise my children. I’m proud of my tenacity in pursuing my education and career.

Q: What issues facing Kent County need the attention of the Levy Court?

A: “I think I will be able to help in the area of healthcare and the upcoming contracts that are ending for state workers, in respect to their healthcare. I’m the type of person who understands and feels that a lot of a policies and procedures impede individuals’ opportunity to take advantage of things that can be helpful to them, things that will benefit them and the community as a whole.”

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