Middletown RR crossing gets exempt crossing plaques

MIDDLETOWN — The Delaware Department of Transportation has placed Exempt Grade Crossing Plaques at the recently reconstructed railroad crossing at North Broad Street in Middletown.

The recent reconstruction included reconstructing the existing traffic signals and provide safety measures that qualify this location as an Exempt Crossing. These safety measures include the railroad crossing’s warning lights and gates; as well as the traffic signal’s interconnection with the railroad’s equipment.

An Exempt Crossing as described in Section 8B.07 of the Delaware Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, features Exempt Grade Crossing Plaques that inform drivers of highway vehicles carrying passengers for hire, school buses carrying students, or highway vehicles carrying hazardous materials that a stop is not required at the designated crossing.
Except for when the traffic signal is red; the railroad warning lights are flashing to indicate that the train is approaching and/or occupying the grade crossing; or the motorist’s view is blocked.

The Exempt Grade Crossing is now in effect. This work was completed on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.