Milford board gives blessing to thin home

MILFORD — On Thursday morning, Milford’s board of adjustment recommended that a plan for a new home to be built on a skinny lot at 204 N.E. Fourth St. be approved.
Juan Virgilio Perez hoped to build a 20-foot-wide home for his daughter, Paz Gabriela Perez, on a lot that is 30 feet wide. The two requested a variance from the code requirement that 8-foot-wide side yards be left between a home and the property line. Instead, their plan leaves just 4 feet between the proposed building and their neighbor’s fence.
The neighbor, Shirley Hughes, was opposed to the variance and wanted any new construction to happen at least 8 feet away from her fence.
Nadia Zychal, a member of the board, voted to approve the variance. She cited the “practical hardship” of building on such a narrow lot and the fact that the lot’s former structure, which burned down years ago, was actually closer to Ms. Hughes’ home than the proposed structure.
The board also gave its blessing two new auto-centric accessory buildings.
One is slated for James Yerkie II’s property at 116 Marshall St., so he will have additional space for his car workshop.
The other is a shed City Councilman Andrew Fulton hopes to build on his property at 15 E. Clarke Ave. He called it his “Harley cave,” which will be a place for him to store his motorcycle and relax.