Milford elects first African-American mayor

Arthur Campbell

MILFORD — Council member Arthur Campbell will be the first African-American mayor in Milford.

Mr. Campbell took the mayor’s seat with 537 votes while Todd Culotta brought in 334 votes out of 871 total votes towards the mayoral race.

“The people spoke. We need to change. We’re going to keep taxes the same, collect our delinquent taxes, fix our infrastructure and come together as one Milford family,” Mr. Campbell said after the results were announced.

Michael Boyle will take Mr. Campbell’s seat for the first ward. Mr. Boyle brought home 245 votes. Opposing candidate Cindy Schofield took in 181 votes.

Michael Boyle

Mr. Boyle said, “I’m very happy, of course. But now, it’s up to us to fulfill our promises.”

“I’m excited to work with the new mayor and see what positive things he will do. I think our new mayor will do a good job in continuing in moving us forward,” Mayor Bryan Shupe said.

Mayor Shupe did not run for the mayoral spot this year as he is running for representative.

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