Milford to take third try at council elections on Saturday

MILFORD — Voting for three seats on Milford City Council will take place in the city’s annual Municipal Election from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturday at the Public Works Facility at 180 Vickers Drive off Airport Road.

This will be the city of Milford’s third attempt at holding its annual election, after previous election days that were scheduled for April 25 and May 9 had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Terri Hudson, Milford’s city clerk, cautions residents that this will be a different kind of election due to safety precautions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re all set up for the election,” Ms. Hudson said. “Everyone will have to wear a face mask. We will have disposable ones on site for anybody that needs one. We’re using throwaway pens — each person will only use it once.

“The only thing that we’re really concerned about that we will be wiping down throughout the day is the sign-in tables where each person will get one pen and either take it or throw it away — that’s their choice — and we will be wiping the machines down after each voter.”

Ms. Hudson said voters should anticipate long lines. They are required to wear face masks, maintain social distancing and progress through the polling location in only one direction — one entrance and one exit. There will be no doubling back.

Mayor Arthur Campbell and Katrina E. Wilson, who represents the Fourth Ward, have already secured their spots in Saturday’s election.

Both are running unopposed, so they are entitled to assume office without a formal election following a declaration by the City of Milford Board of Election.

The three races that will be contested on Saturday include Michael D. Spillane against incumbent Mike J. Boyle in the First Ward, Andrew P. Fulton versus Joseph E. Wiley for an open seat in the Second Ward, and Brian C. Baer will challenge incumbent Owen S. Brooks Jr. in the Third Ward.

All the election winners will be awarded two-year terms on city council.

The city of Milford maintains its own voter registration. To determine if an individual is currently registered to vote, contact the City Clerk’s Office.

While Saturday promises to be a busy day in Milford, Ms. Hudson hopes careful preparation will help things go smoothly for the city.

“We did the same thing the city of Seaford did,” she said. “We mailed out absentee applications and/or affidavits, whatever you want to call them, to all of are registered voters who will be participating in this election. Of the approximately 2,000 that we’ve sent out we have received a little more than 20 percent.

“They can still bring (the absentee ballots) out to Public Works (on Saturday). They are certainly welcome to do that. I think we have pretty good control of this.”