Millsboro adds chaplain to its police department

MILLSBORO — A family connection has found a missing link in the compassionate chain of operations for the Millsboro Police Department.

Roderick E. Dufour, before an Oct. 7 town council meeting audience that included his son and grandchildren, was officially sworn in as chaplain for the Millsboro Police Department.

“I want to be a blessing,” said Mr. Dufour, former pastor at the First Baptist Church in Georgetown. “I’ve been in ministry 54 years now. I’ve seen a lot of things and done a lot of things. This is one of the highlights of my life. I mean that. If I can help you, I want to do that.”

As granddaughter Claire Dufour held the Bible and grandson Jackson looked on, Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt administered the oath.

Mr. Dufour is believed to be the first person to hold the chaplain’s position in Millsboro Police Department history, according to Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway, who is not aware of any previous chaplain in departmental history.

Mr. Dufour’s son, Matthew Dufour, a corporal with Millsboro police, performed badge-pinning honors.

“He’s on call. If we need him, we can reach out him and have him respond for whatever that may be,” said Chief Calloway,

Chaplain is an unpaid, part-time totally volunteer position.
In bringing the position on board, Millsboro joins a small group of law enforcement agencies who have chaplains. Those positions, officials said, are not as common as they are in the state’s fire service. Among the police agencies that currently have chaplains are Delaware State Police, the city of Dover and the city of Seaford.

According to state police spokesman Master Cpl. Michael Austin, Delaware State Police currently have five volunteer chaplains: Father John Mink, Rev. William Wilmore, Rev. Florence Cephas, Rev. Jeffrey Miller and Father William Coco.

For Dover, its two chaplains provide blessings and benedictions at ceremonial functions, and spiritual guidance and advice to both sworn officers and civilian members of the department.

The Millsboro chaplain’s role can span the spectrum, ranging from police academy graduations and special events such as the Blue Light vigil at Legislative Hall in Dover in December to offering compassion and spiritual support to officers in times of crisis or need, Chief Calloway said.

“It could be needed if, God forbid, one of an officer’s family members passed away unexpectedly – if we needed that spiritual guidance to get through something like that,” Chief Calloway said. “We’re looking forward to Roderick and everything that he can help us with. Hopefully, we won’t need him for those major events, but if we do, we certainly have a good person that can help us with that.”

Mr. Dufour served as pastor of Georgetown’s First Baptist Church in Georgetown for several decades. He retired in 2015.
“My only weapon is the word of God. I know that and will use that,” said Mr. Dufour. “I will do what I should do for this community.”

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