Millsboro chamber seeks donations for care packages for troops


MILLSBORO — The Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce is aiming to spread some holiday cheer to United States military personnel abroad.

“Operation: Chamber Angels” was launched recently with a mission to provide Christmas care packages for troops deployed in Afghanistan.

The Millsboro Chamber is currently seeking donations within from its membership as well as the public in collecting personal hygiene and toiletry items, snacks and downtime activities items.

‘It’s something that we want to do,” said Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Turner. “I came up with the idea because a lot of times at this time of year people are geared towards helping local families. I think sometimes — not all the time — we tend to forget about the military community.”

“It is the little things from home that make a big deal, the little comforts of home. You give somebody a little flavor from home — like a local hot sauce or something that reminds them of home — and it makes them feel good,” said Mr. Turner.

All donated items will be sent to Mr. Turner’s connection in the Air Force. “I have a friend who is a chaplain over there, Daryl Caulfield. He got deployed for the next nine months,” said Mr. Turner. “He can distribute it.”

The drop-off location is the Millsboro Chamber Office, located in Chelsea Square at 102 Washington Street, Millsboro. Items can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 14 is the drop-off deadline.

“Whatever we do collect I’d like to get it out by Dec. 17 or 18. That way it gives us a good chance to get it over there by Christmas,” said Mr. Turner.

The Millsboro Chamber is covering the shipping costs. “We’re footing that bill,” Mr. Turner said.

Following items are needed for Operation: Chamber Angels.

Personal toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, body wash, IcyHot, floss pickers, Q-tips, shoe inserts, t-shirts, etc.

Snacks: Chips, nuts, crackers, candy, cookies, water flavor packets, cup of soup, granola bars, dried fruit, but no chocolate. “Don’t send chocolate to Afghanistan, it melts,” said Mr. Turner.

Downtime activities: books, crosswords, playing cards, etc.

Cash and/or checks will not be accepted, only donated items.

“We’re all in the spirit of giving this time of the year,” said Mr. Turner. “This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is a thing to keep us motivated. It is good to kind of steer away from the pack and try to do something different. We’re just trying to stir the pot a little bit. It’s for a good cause.”

For more information, contact the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce at 934-6777.

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