Millsboro council salutes Thoroughgood for his service

MILLSBORO — When John Thoroughgood first joined Millsboro’s town council, Plantation Lakes, a large-scale, upscale development that is now part of the town’s westside story, had not been conceived.

“It was a cornfield,” he said.
The bulk of the highway commercial district along US 113 had not been developed.

“When I got here (on council) none of that was there. It was a soybean field,” he says.
Mr. Thoroughgood has worn several hats in his 16-plus continuous years – councilman, vice mayor and mayor – as an elected member of the town governing body.

He currently is one of the council members. His three-year term runs through June 2022.

In July, he relinquished the mayoral reins to Michelle Truitt, who was vice mayor during his mayoral term.

At council’s Aug. 5 meeting, Mr. Thoroughgood was recognized for his service to the town and the community.
Mayor Truitt, only the second woman to hold the role of Millsboro mayor, presented a keepsake gavel as a token of the town’s appreciation and recognition of Mr. Thoroughgood’s “wonderful service as mayor.”

“I just love working with him,” said Mayor Truitt. “Without him … we wouldn’t have grown into the wonderful community we have today.”
“I’ve always been mindful of not having to raise taxes to operate the town,” said Mr. Thoroughgood. “I’ve always had that in the back of my mind. I’ve always tried to do with what you have to work with. You don’t spend any more than what you can afford.”

It has been during Mr. Thoroughgood’s tenure that Millsboro has grown and expanded with residential and commercial development.
Lewes Dairy relocated from Lewes to new facility on Mitchell Street, not far from the Millsboro Town Center, which someday will be the new home for the town’s police department.

Many new businesses have popped up or are a work in progress along DuPont Boulevard, including many in Peninsula Crossing.

An Avid hotel is coming, and another hotel possibility is in the works.
Over his 16-plus years, the town launched its electronic message center along Main Street near the Dairy Queen in the downtown district.

“Well, I have always tried to look out for the taxpayers, and I have always tried to look out for the town,” Mr. Thoroughgood said. “I have always kept the town No. 1 and the taxpayers No. 2, and it all worked out for the betterment.”

Mr. Thoroughgood, who completed councilman Reginald Brittingham’s term when Mr. Brittingham moved out of town, served as vice mayor from 2012-15. He assumed the mayor’s reins from Bob Bryan four years ago, serving in that role from 2015-19.

With the mayor and vice mayor roles come additional time commitments. And Mr. Thoroughgood, owner of Thoroughgood Transport, wants more free time to do some traveling with his wife, Judi.

“I’m going to travel a little bit,” said Mr. Thoroughgood after the July council meeting. “And being the mayor, it’s time- consuming. You are pretty-well obligated and stuck to the town. Mayor needs to be on call all of the time.”

He still could control the gavel. At the August meeting, Mr. Thoroughgood was selected council’s pro tempore, who would assume leadership of meetings in the absence of both the Mayor Truitt and vice mayor, Tim Hodges.

“It has been good working with council,” said Mr. Thoroughgood. “I’ve got three more years to continue working with the council … three more good years.”

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