Dog park location : New town park or elsewhere in Millsboro?

MILLSBORO — Is a proposed new town park the ideal place for a dog park?

Millsboro town council members are mulling over that option, and others, as town leaders weigh possible options for approximately 11 acres of town-owned property along SR 24 near the town’s western edge.

The property, located near the intersection of Godwin School Road and not far from the Plantation Lakes development, has been earmarked for a new town park.

Favorite suggested uses submitted in a town survey conducted last spring included an amphitheater/plaza-type feature, walking trails, a splashpad/water feature, Blue Star Garden areas and dog parks possibly for large and small canines.

Matthew Spong, of Dover-based Landscape Architectural Services LLC that is contracted to develop conceptual plans, presented two possible option packages at the Nov. 5 town council meeting. Council took no action on the options.

Location of dog parks surfaced at council’s Dec. 3 meeting.

‘Do we want the dog parks to be part of possible new park, or do we want to put the dog parks elsewhere in town, maybe on some existing town property?” said Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson. “Council wanted more time to chew on that.”

Park plans may also include pavilion/picnic groves and active recreation areas.

Nothing is certain at this phase of the game.

“It’s just a question of exactly what that possible new park ends up looking like,” said Mr. Hudson. “In this year’s fiscal year budget which ends at end of June, the funds are primarily dedicated to the planning phase of this project.

” So, we wouldn’t see much in the way of construction until at least next fiscal year. We still have some time to hash this out and figure out which direction to go in. It’s up in air but still moving forward.”

Funding for the initial planning is in the current fiscal year budget and is capped to not exceed $15,500, plus reimbursable expenses, according to Mr. Hudson.


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