Millsboro mulls uniform US 113 speed limit

MILLSBORO — Town officials are again debating the possibility of extending a 50-mph speed limit to encompass all of DuPont Boulevard within the town’s corporate limits.

Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson presented the topic at council’s Monday meeting as a follow-up to its previous interest in having a consistent speed limit along U.S. 113.

“Council a while back had communicated some interest in having the speed limit along Dupont Boulevard/U.S. 113 consistent. Right now, we have a mixture of 50- and 55-mph zones. Council expressed an interest in going to all 50 mph,” said Mr. Hudson. “Basically, what has happened is the boundaries have expanded as the town has grown.”

Northern and southern portions of the dual highway remain at 55 mph. Millsboro’s limits extend south to Dickerson Road and north to the old Patriots Landing, near the intersection with Del. 20 (Hardscrabble Road).

If council decides to pursue lowering the speed limit, Mr. Hudson said he and Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway would reach out to Delaware’s Department of Transportation and begin the process of requesting that it be 50 mph through all of Millsboro on U.S. 113.

“I think it is long overdue,” said Councilman Larry Gum.

“The other side of the coin is that if we lower the speed limit, that is going to create more congestion, more traffic in town longer,” said Councilman Tim Hodges.

“Chief Calloway, I think I speak for him, I certainly would not be a fan of going lower than 50,” said Mr. Hudson. “Anecdotally, secondhand, I have heard a lot of negative feedback about the 45(-mph) speed limit in Georgetown and Dagsboro. But I do think it makes sense to make it 50 consistent throughout town.”