Mountaire completes cleanup of wastewater release

MILLSBORO — Mountaire Farms of Delaware reported to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Friday that the company’s cleanup of an accidental release of partially treated wastewater Wednesday at Mountaire’s poultry facility, east of Millsboro, has been completed under DNREC’s direction.

Officials say DNREC Groundwater Discharges Section staff were onsite at Mountaire Friday to verify the status of cleanup efforts. Mountaire Farms’ response actions to the release have included continuous 24-hour pumping of the discharged wastewater back into the wastewater treatment system for retreatment; scraping of soils in the area where the release occurred to remove any potential solids; liming of the ground surface once solids are removed; repair of the mechanical component the company reports led to the accidental release, and complete inspection of the system.

DNREC also is requiring enhanced groundwater monitoring by Mountaire in the area of the release to determine if any potential impacts to groundwater have occurred since the release was discovered early Wednesday morning.

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