Mr. Bar B Que opens location in Frederica

Mr. Bar B Que began his career in the culinary industry by peeling the skins off of tomatoes for salads in a four-star restaurant. Now, the food truck entrepreneur can finally say he offers his own seating – inside the company’s new brick and mortar location in Frederica.

Chris Young recently expanded into the building that was formerly known as the Quick Stop, hoping to offer a different option for locals and travelers alike.

“We just moved to Felton, a year ago. We just aren’t going to Milford for anything anymore. One of the kids is driving, another is transferring to Caesar Rodney School District in their culinary program. I had to commute back and forth and that was okay when I worked at Abbott’s Grill, but now that isn’t there,” Mr. Young said. “It was just a lot of trips back and forth. And we needed space to grow. The food truck and catering keep me really busy.”

Seasoned with decades of cooking experience both in Delaware and other states, Mr. Young has worked to perfect his offerings over time.

“I’ve had this for about 10 years, the whole time I’ve been in Delaware. Before that, I was in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s where I got all the practice with barbeque. I worked part time for a lawn service there and then I had a café place, also, that was breakfast and lunch,” he said.

He didn’t spend all of his time in a kitchen, though. Mr. Bar B Que himself attended college in California, majoring in marine technology.

“I did commercial diving for nine years – welding, construction, etc. in California. I have like 9,000 some hours under water,” he explained.

In the evenings, he would return to the kitchen working in the restaurant industry to make ends meet.

Since moving to Delaware, he started his own food truck business and eventually expanded that to include catering. He also worked at Abbott’s Grill in Milford.

His newest expansion into Frederica was a welcomed change for the company, too, but probably won’t be their last, he said.

“We will probably get another food truck. Everybody wants to do all the events and they’re all on Saturdays. So, another food truck or two, maybe a bigger commissary area… I think all that would be in the future,” he said. “But this is a great spot. It’s growing because of De Turf and then the neighborhoods that they’re building out here in the surrounding areas. I think it’s the next up and coming area because of the soccer fields and then the traffic that comes through from Maryland coming this way. And we have easy access off of Route 1. And there’s only pizza here besides us.”

With almost a decade of successful business under Mr. Bar B Que’s belt, Mr. Young says he has crafted a great team to help him grow in the expansions.

“It’s a lot of pressure to not mess it up. And to make sure every time I do it, it’s always the best that I can do it at that time. It’s a lot of pressure. But through the years, now we have a routine for all of it so it’s actually not so bad,” he said. “The kids help me some more now than what they used to, too. They see how many people know of it so now it’s sinking in on them that it’s really a thing. Jared is 14, he can cook. Cameron is headed to college. He helps at the counter and with catering. They both have a different role which is kind of cool.”

At seven years old, their other child cannot work in the business just yet. But, Mr. Young said he’s grateful for the opportunity to create better hours so he can see his youngest more often.

“The hardest thing about owning your own business is owning your own business. You have to allocate your time to each department: marketing, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, family… That’s the hardest thing to do is allocate time for each of the things you need to do. And sometimes, you don’t get time for all of them every day. Family is usually what gets lost. The youngest one is getting ready to turn eight. I have in the learning at seven when school is in session. When I was working at Abbott’s, I wouldn’t hardly see him except in the morning. But this is open until 8 p.m. So, I can see him before bed now.”

The positives continue for Mr. Bar B Que and the community, who has embraced the move.

“They’re happy that I opened it back up. They struggled with the consistency of the Quick Stop being open before and I have regular hours. Everyone seems happy that we’re here. It’s been a good response,” he said.

As for the menu? The brisket is the top seller already from his location in Frederica. The food truck has its own top seller – bar-be-que sundaes in a cup.

“I don’t even have to put that on the menu and people will come up and ask for it,” he laughed.

Mr. Bar B Que is open at its Frederica location at 1454 Frederica Rd. daily from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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