New business, new smile: Delaware Pediatric Dentistry opens in Milford Square with bilingual care for area children

Young Gerardo Martinez ran away from a dentist’s chair once in Mexico, and his mother and the dentist had to chase after him. He’s come a long way since that experience.

Last month, he opened his own bilingual pediatric dentist office with college colleague David Delgado – Delaware Pediatric Dentistry in Milford.

Delaware Pediatric Dentistry, led by Dr. Gerardo Martinez and Dr. David Delgado opened their business with smiles in December, supported by Milford City Councilmembers Jason James and Katrina Wilson, local chamber of commerce members, princesses and superheroes. Delaware State News/Jennifer Antonik

The pair first met during residencies through college and have dreamed about opening their own practice ever since. Working together in Texas for several years after graduation tightened their bond.

“I planned this with him over the last two years. He kept telling me ever since he got to Delaware that it was going to be a great place for a family; I have a 3-year-old and a 10 month old, so I started thinking about more of a family feel. I came with my wife two or three times and I ended up finding out that Milford is a beautiful place. Delaware is a beautiful place for families, a lot of things to do. And Delaware, by itself, I see it as a nice little background, a nice and chill and relaxed area,” Dr. Delgado said.

Dr. Martinez worked for several years while in Delaware before opening the new practice, discovering that patients had to drive anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to reach  pediatric dentists. Although the drive from one place to another was nice for him, he knew there was an opportunity to bring pediatric-centric dentistry closer to patients in the Milford and surrounding areas.

“I felt like Milford was a good central location so more people could be able to have a shorter commute to come to see us. Now, we’re actually in Seaford, as well. We rent space from the health department. So, we’re covering a little wider spread of the area and it’s been great,” he explained.

But that wouldn’t be the only reason Dr. Martinez sought to open their business in Milford. He says along with his last name, his wife and son both have first names that begin with M and a dog named Mia.

“And I’m from Mexico. So, Milford just seemed like the right fit,” he said, laughing.

They said they hope to help bring smiles back to children in the area through needs-based dental care.

“The need is great,” Dr. Delgado said. “When Gerardo was working up here, he was telling me that the need and the carries rate up here is very severe in some of these populations and I couldn’t believe it because I was living right on the border in McAllen, Texas and culturally, their diet is very, very bad. They eat sweets, a lot of sour. There’s a lot of children that live out here that are in a lot of pain and we’re here to help. We’re trying to get them out of pain so they can go to school, they can concentrate, they can miss less days at school and just live a happy, healthy life.”

With all of that in mind, Dr. Martinez says the pair is bringing a different philosophy of dentistry care to the area to encompass a better look at every child who walks through their doors.

“Yes, we are a new pediatric office, but we also bring you a different philosophy of treatment, a different philosophy of how these kids get ready for good healthy habits. I think a lot of pediatric dentists, or a lot of dentists in general, sometimes kind of fall in love with the jewelry part of the industry, you know, making everything pretty. I think that’s, for our field, misguided when it comes to children,” he said. “Our goal is to make sure any families know that we’re going to work with them to make sure that they get the care that they need.”

Delaware Pediatric Dentistry is located in Milford Square at 625 N. DuPont Highway in Milford next to Big Lots. It can be reached at 302-315-2019 or