New mayor elected in Smyrna

SMYRNA — Robert C. Johnson became Smyrna’s new mayor in a landslide Tuesday as part of what’s believed to be the largest field of town council candidates ever.

Thirteen residents vied for four spots on council and the 66-year-old Mr. Johnson bested incumbent mayor John L. Embert III by a 454-276 margin, or 62 percent of ballots cast.

After the results were read to residents at Citizens’ Hose Company Station 44, Mr. Johnson credited campaign manager Charlotte Middleton and his supporters who spread his message to the public.

The new mayor was looking forward to open lines of communication with the public.

Robert C. Johnson

“We need transparency in government,” he said. “We have to get everything on the website and explain what we’ve done to address issues brought before us.

“We have to listen to the community and get the community involved.”

Three other council members were elected in a voting process that ran from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

• Tabitha J. Gott captured a District 1 seat with 51 votes, followed by Suzanne R. Harris with 32 and Ayonne Miles with 20.

• Margaret B. Mann received 280 votes to take District II, and Scott H. Holmes garnered 148.

• Michael A. Rasmussen bested five other candidates to win an at-large council seat with 211 votes. Patrick F. Hartnett received 176 votes, followed by Gerald Brown with 166, Marie Fontaine St. Pierre with 83, Jason C. Millman with 37 and Justin N. Capps with 30.

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