New sidewalks, pavers coming soon to revitalize Millsboro

MILLSBORO — A key piece of Millsboro’s downtown revitalization finally has the green light.

In the works for some time, the Main Street paver project is set to proceed following Town Council’s bid award at its Monday meeting.

Sheldon Hudson

“I really think that is probably the foundation for everything that is to come in the future years,” said Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson. “That one has been out there for so long.”

The Main Street paver project will include new sidewalks and brick pavers on both sides of Del. 24, basically from Church Street to State Street in the downtown district.

“It’s really only a couple blocks. If you exclude the alleys, it’s not even a couple blocks,” said Mr. Hudson.

The paver project is sandwiched between several other proposals impacting the downtown area.

In early October, the Delmarva Central Railroad project at the Del. 24 split just before eastbound Main Street and westbound Washington Street was completed. That project included new warning signals and shorter crossing gates; at-grade crossing surfaces with full-depth concrete decking; Americans with Disabilities Act-complaint sidewalks across the tracks and on the north and side of the crossing; a concrete median area; and new paving/striping.

“The hope is, now (that) we’ve got the railroad project done, this is kind of the next step. And there are some improvements for State Street, as well, and new waterlines,” said Mr. Hudson. “I’m hoping it will really help revitalize the area.”

In addition, sometime next spring, Delaware’s Department of Transportation is tentatively scheduled to repave both Washington and Main streets with new blacktop, Mr. Hudson said.

He said he believes the estimated cost for the sidewalk/paver project is around $700,000.

By a 6-0 vote, council accepted the bid from Newark-based A-Del Construction Co. on Monday.

“The downtown is going to look a lot better. I’m hoping property values go up, and we’ll have more owner-occupied properties. I’m excited. It has been a long time coming, a lot of work.”