New Verizon tower aims to improve cell service


DOVER— The city will soon be home to another Verizon Wireless Cellular tower at 118 Galaxy Drive.

The 150-foot tower will improve telecommunications services to neighboring properties.

“This is the third tower they’ve had in the past several months,” said Anne Marie Townshend, planning director for the city. “They want to increase the cellular data for their customers.”

Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA has a land lease agreement with Verizon.

The company owns the property the cell tower will be built on.

The objectives of the proposed facility are to provide reliable 4G L TE coverage and capacity relief to a southeastern section of the city of Dover in the vicinity of Dover Air Force Base, including heavily traveled sections of Korean Veterans Memorial Highway, Bay Road, South Little Creek Road, Horsepond Road, Bayside Drive and other adjoining roads in the community extending approximately one to two miles in all directions from the proposed facility location.

The proposed facility will also significantly improve in-building coverage in the immediate area

But the tower went through a series of height changes.

The required height by the city is only 35 feet.

Members of the city’s board of adjustment were asked to raise the tower to 158 feet to satisfy the service objectives of Verizon.

They agreed the 35 foot tall tower would not provide adequate coverage or even have the ability to communicate with the rest of the applicant’s telecommunications network during their meeting on Sept. 16.

Then during the meeting the tower was reduced to 150 feet, due to the request of the Dover Air Force Base, as the elevation of the proposed tower violates imaginary air field surfaces defined by Unified Facility Criteria, said Ms. Townshend.

“Everything is fine now moving forward,” Ms. Townshend said. “The tower should be completed in the near future.”

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