Nonprofit starts group therapy for Black racial issues

DOVER — Delaware Center for Justice is starting a group therapy program for Black social justice advocates, organizers, activists and community members. Called Healing Spaces, this weekly program aims to provide participants with the tools to understand race-related trauma and promote and increase mental health awareness and skills.

It will run from mid-August to the end of September and is free. Due to the pandemic, it will held virtually.

“On top of the on-going global pandemic, conversations in the media and communities have centered on racism following the murders of Black men and women by police officers. This may have re-traumatized those who have fallen victim to brutality, injustice, or racism in their communities,” Dave Bever, executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice, said in a statement. “Even those who have not experienced overt racism can still experience vicarious traumatization from constant viewing of racism on the news or social media. Healing Spaces will provide support for and education about historical, racial, and vicarious trauma.”

For more information about the program or to register, call or email Javonne Rich at 298-5635 or