NWS confirms multiple tornadoes touched down in Dover area this morning

DOVER – The arrival of Tropical Storm Isaias to Delaware not only brought drenching rainfall to the state on Tuesday morning, but spawned off several confirmed tornadoes, causing damage to homes and businesses in all three of Delaware’s counties.

“There were several measured sustained winds of tropical storm force, which is 39 miles an hour or higher,” said Alex Staarmann, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “There were numerous gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour, especially across the coastal areas of Delaware Bay and oceanfront.

“Additionally, there was a few tornadoes that appeared to have touched down, especially around Dover and north towards the border of Kent County and New Castle County and Middletown. A few of those were confirmed by emergency management and radar, but we haven’t been able to go and survey the damage yet. That will probably come within the next couple of days or so.”

In Dover, street poles were askew on the edge of Division Street across from Booker T. Washington Elementary School and a church and several homes in the area had received damage from the high winds. A Dover police patrol car blocked the road from traffic in the area.

On Del. 10 and near Moore’s Lake it appeared as if a tornado had touched down, cutting a path through the area. In the area of Calvary Church and across the road into an adjoining neighborhood, trees had snapped at their trunks and damage to several homes had occurred.

There was also a report of a tornado just off U.S. 13 near Smyrna that caused damage.

While it caused a lot of damage, it was a fast-moving storm, having delivered most of its punch by around 10:45 in the morning on Tuesday.

“From the rain threat, especially the northern part of the state around New Castle County, had experienced some flash flooding from excessive rainfall. Upwards of six inches of rain has fallen across the northern part of the state, which received about five to six inches of rain, while Kent County got about two to three (inches) and then Sussex County is generally around an inch.

“I think most of the rain and stuff kind of moved in before daybreak. The heaviest of the rain moved in overnight (Monday) night. As of (12:30 p.m. on Tuesday) most of the rain is done, though there’s still some light rain that’s going to pass across the northern part of the state.”