It’s official! Delaware casts three votes for Clinton

DOVER — Delaware formally cast its three electoral votes for Hillary Clinton on Monday, making her the first woman to receive electoral votes for president as the nominee of a major party.

Mrs. Clinton, a Democrat, won Delaware’s votes by garnering 53.4 percent of the state’s popular vote on Nov. 8, but she was not as lucky elsewhere.

While she won the popular vote nationwide, Donald Trump proved to be the winner in the Electoral College count — and that’s the one that is official.

On Monday, he sailed to victory despite organized protests by Democrats and other disaffected voters in the nation. The Republican captured 304 votes (with only two defections) to make his election official. A majority of 270 are needed to win.

Mr. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United  States on Jan. 20.

Delaware’s electors, from left, Linda Cavanaugh, Lynn Fuller and Lydia York. (Delaware State News/Matt Bittle)

On Monday, there was little drama at Legislative Hall, although Delaware’s electors admitted unhappiness with the election’s outcome.

With Delaware officials and students from schools around the state watching the electors re-affirmed the First State’s support for Mrs. Clinton in a ceremony at the state capitol.

“The same thing will be happening in very similar chambers all across our country today as a critical part of our democracy,” Nancy Karibjanian, director of the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication, told the audience.

The state’s three electors, Lydia York, Linda Cavanaugh and Lynn Fuller, were responsible for signing paperwork Monday that gave Delaware’s votes to Mrs. Clinton.

Students watch as the electors prepare to officially sign the state’s votes to Hillary Clinton. (Delaware State News/Matt Bittle)

“It is a tremendous honor to be able to cast a vote, my vote, for Hillary Clinton for president,” Ms. Fuller said. “I was disappointed with the results of the election, but we need to accept it and I am just honored to fulfill my constitutional duty as an elector.”

After the votes were submitted, several students were given the chance to ask questions of organizers of the ceremony, which was broadcast by WHYY.

Delaware has had 176 electors — three for each of the 58 presidential elections, with the exceptions of 1816 and 1820, when the state had four votes.

The number of electors is determined by the numbers of members of Congress a state has. With less than a million people, Delaware has the minimum of three members — two senators and a representative.

Deputy Secretary of State Rick Geisenberger speaks before the audience in Legislative Hall shortly before the votes are cast. (Delaware State News/Matt Bittle)

The state has voted for the Democratic nominee in the past seven presidential elections.

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