Parish seeking Sussex County Council’s 4th District seat

George Parish

LONG NECK — Former Sussex County Clerk of the Peace George Parish wants to return to elected office – as a member of Sussex County Council.

Mr. Parish, 76, of Millsboro officially filed Friday, June 22 as a Republican candidate for the 4th District council seat currently held by fellow Republican George B. Cole – the longest-serving member in the modern era.

“It’s time to just say, ‘Let’s Fix it,’” said Mr. Parish.

Mr. Parish plans to engage in an energetic campaign for the 4th District representing the area around the Inland Bays and nearby communities.

He says his ‘Let’s Fix It’ campaign will promote an “optimistic future for all Sussex Countians.” Highlights of Mr. Parish’s campaign include, ‘Let’s Fix’: traffic congestion by approving transportation Improvement districts, by increasing road capacity to ease traffic flow and by planning for new roads; the impact of development by balancing infrastructure with development, by considering a transfer of development rights program to protect areas from development and by reducing pollution in our Inland Bays; the job market by advocating for public-private partnerships, by creating tax incentives and by encouraging enterprise zones; and the quality of life concerns by approving homestead tax exemptions for permanent residents, by supporting additional state troopers and by enacting a visionary comprehensive plan.

Democratic candidate Paulette A. Rappa of Millsboro is also seeking the 4th District council seat. Ms. Rappa filed in late May.

Mr. Parish was elected as Clerk of the Peace in the November 2004, serving eight years from January 2005 to January 2013.

Four years ago, Mr. Parish considered running for county council. Those plans changed when Mr. Cole decided to seek another term in the 2014 election.

“I was prepared with an energetic campaign when George Cole suggested that he might not seek re-election,” said Mr. Parish. “There were a series of political events that converged into persuading George Cole to change his mind. And he decided to seek re-election.”

Recently, Mr. Cole has indicated he will not seek another four-year council term.

“George Cole has indicated it is time to do something else,” Mr. Parish said. “As a result, I have talked to George and he has not objected to me filing. So, I am delighted and excited to inaugurate our campaign to just say, ‘Let’s Fix it.’”

Mr. Cole is the third member of his family to serve on council since the county council form of government was adopted in 1970. He succeeded his mother, Kitty Cole, who was appointed to fill the 4th District seat in 1985 upon the death of her husband, Charlie Cole, who was elected in 1974 to county council.

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