Philadelphia Eagles honor slain correctional officer


Lt. Steven Floyd

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Eagles recently gifted a personalized jersey and football to the family of Lt. Steven Floyd, the correctional officer killed in the inmate uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center last year.

The gift was inspired by a former colleague of Lt. Floyd’s contacting community relations director Julie Hirshey.

“A gentleman named Jamey Baskow, who writes for the Philly Sports Network, reached out to us and told us about Lt. Floyd,” Dominique Pinto, an Eagles spokeswoman said Tuesday.

“Mr. Baskow was a 12-year veteran with the Delaware Department of Correction and a friend of Lt. Floyd’s. He told us about how huge of a fan Lt. Floyd was and wondered if we’d be able to put something together in his honor.”

Ms. Pinto noted that the team gifted a personalized football jersey with “Floyd” written across the back and a custom football to Lt. Floyd’s family.

“The customized commemorative football says ‘forever an Eagle’ and has his name written on it,” she said.

Union president Geoff Klopp, on behalf of the state’s correctional officers, said they appreciate the gesture.

“We’re grateful that the Eagles were willing to recognize the loss of our officer and honor his family like that — it means a lot,” he said.

Ms. Pinto said the team believes strongly in recognizing its fans.

“It’s very important for us to give back to the individuals who’ve sacrificed so much for our country,” she said. “We like to do something that let’s them and their families know how much it means to us to have had them as a fan.”

Since the prison uprising, Lt. Floyd’s name has also been memorialized in stone on the Law Enforcement Memorial just south of Legislative Hall in Dover, a commemorative plaque was mounted on the memorial wall in front of Vaughn prison and his name was added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s wall in Washington, D.C.

Eighteen inmates stand accused with perpetrating the prison riot — 16 of them accused of murdering Lt. Floyd. They are currently awaiting trial.

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