Philanthropy Del. members join Proximity Project

WILMINGTON — Ten members of the Philanthropy Delaware organization will take part in The Proximity Project, designed to close the gap between community leaders and the people of color they serve, according to a news release.

TeenSHARP announced its first cohort for the project last week, which will include 48 participants overall.

Through the eight-week program, philanthropic and educational leaders closely connect to the students, families and community leaders whose truth and insights inform participants’ reflections and actions, according to the news release. Connecting through TPP will provide leaders with the opportunity to examine and reform how they interact with and serve communities of color.

The following organizations are Philanthropy Delaware members and are represented in the cohort:

• Delaware Community Foundation — Sarah Grunewald and Yolanda Rushdan.
• Laffey-McHugh Foundation — Patty Hoffman.
• Longwood Foundation — Thère du Pont and Maria Stecker.
• Rodel — Mark Baxter and Nancy Millard.
• United Way of Delaware — Schlonn Hawkins.
• Welfare Foundation — Chris Grundner.
• WSFS — Kristin Moore.