Police: Smyrna High student arrested for bringing BB gun to school: Accused of using it to threaten another student in school cafeteria

SMYRNA — A 15-year-old Smyrna High student was arrested at his home hours after allegedly threatening another student with a BB gun in the school cafeteria earlier Tuesday, police said.

The male student, whose name and other information was not released by Smyrna Police in a Wednesday news release due to his age, was taken into custody at his home at approximately 8 p.m. and charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon, possession of a weapon in a school safety zone and terroristic threatening.

According to the investigation, authorities learned of a possible handgun-related incident on school grounds at approximately 4 p.m. A student had told family members he saw another student with a handgun, authorities said.

A Smyrna School District news release said administration received an afterschool “phone call from a concerned adult family member in our community.

“This adult family member reported that a student new this year to our district had a concealed handgun on his person while in our school that same day.”

Police began a joint investigation with school officials immediately, according to spokesman Cpl. Brian M. Donner. They determined that a student had displayed a handgun to other students during the day and “showed a handgun to other students during the school day and also threatened to shoot a student during an argument in the cafeteria,” Cpl. Donner said.

The adult who contacted administration agreed to come to the school Tuesday night with her high school-aged family member who had information on the alleged incident, school district officials said.

“During the course of the meeting, the Smyrna Police Department determined that two other high school students possessed information that could corroborate this account, so their families were contacted, as well,” school district oficials added.

“These two additional families also agreed to voluntarily meet at Smyrna High School late in the evening of March 6 to provide additional information. At the conclusion of all the interviews the Smyrna Police Department determined that the information was credible.”

A search warrant for the student’s home was obtained, police said. The residence was described as being located southwest of Smyrna.

Police said a small CO2 propelled BB hand gun was allegedly found in the student’s bedroom. He was taken into custody without incident.

The student was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 7 in Dover and committed to a residential juvenile detention facility in lieu of $5,000 secured bond, police said.

The BB gun was the only weapon believed to be involved in the case, and Cpl. Donner said “and matches the weapon seen by witnesses.”

According to Cpl. Donner in a news release Wednesday, “No outstanding risk to the school district or any of its students/employees exists at this time.

“The Smyrna Police Department would like to thank and commend the school district for their quick action and team work in this incident which led to a successful conclusion before the end of the day.”

According to the school district, “A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to our three Smyrna families and the Smyrna Police Department whose combined efforts helped us to close the investigation before the end of the night on March 6 ,,,”

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