Polls open at 7 a.m. today for primary


DOVER — Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today for the state’s primary election.

Thirty races are being contested: five statewide, nine in the legislature and 16 for county or city offices. Both the congressional and lieutenant governor primaries feature six candidates, and eight people are running for mayor of Wilmington.

Delaware has a closed primary, meaning only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote and only for members of their party.

On the Democratic ballot for U.S. House are 2014 treasurer nominee Sean Barney, 2002 House nominee Mike Miller, former state Labor Secretary Lisa Blunt Rochester, state Sen. Bryan Townsend, Scott Walker and Elias Weir.

Running for lieutenant governor in a Democratic primary are Levy Court Commissioner Brad Eaby, former Sussex County Register of Wills Greg Fuller, state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness, New Castle County Register of Wills Ciro Poppiti and Wilmington Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker.

Republicans can pick between state Sen. Colin Bonini and Lacey Lafferty for governor.

For insurance commissioner, the only statewide office with primaries on both sides, two-term incumbent Karen Weldin Stewart and New Castle County Sheriff Trinidad Navarro are competing for the Democratic nod; 2012 gubernatorial nominee Jeff Cragg and former Sussex County Clerk of the Peace George Parish are seeking the Republican nomination.

In Kent County, Republicans Morgan Hudson, Charles Postles and Bob Scott are vying for the 33rd Representative District’s open seat. Just to the north of the district, Levy Court’s Third District features a Democratic primary contest between incumbent Allan Angel and Keith Mumford.

Sussex voters will decide races between House Speaker Peter Schwartzkopf and fellow Democrat Don Peterson in the 14th Representative District, and between two Republicans, Rep. David Wilson and Bob Mitchell, in the 35th Representative District.

For county council, Councilman Sam Wilson is being challenged by Lisa Hudson Briggs in the Second District, and Kevin Burdette, I.G. Burton, Mark Schaeffer and Frank Shade running in the Third. All are Republicans.

In New Castle County, six legislative seats are being contested, along with county executive, county council, Wilmington mayor, city council and city treasurer.

Fewer voters typically turn out for a primary than a general election, although the large number of people running for lieutenant governor, the U.S. House and mayor could create more interest than normal.

Seven percent of Democrats and 14 percent of Republicans came out to vote in 2014, to decide 19 races.

Election Commissioner Elaine Manlove said she won’t estimate possible voter participation beforehand, although election officials hope for high turnout.

The Department of Elections has about 2,000 poll workers throughout Delaware. Today’s election costs the state approximately $1 million.

Anyone seeking information can visit https://ivote.de.gov/ to find polling places and more.

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