Prepare ahead of time for hazardous weather

GEORGETOWN — Seasons may change, but the need to be prepared remains the same. The Sussex County Emergency Operations Center reminds the public that hazard preparation is a year-round necessity, whether it’s for hurricanes in the fall or nor’easters in the winter.
“This year is certainly one for the record books on many levels, whether it’s the ongoing pandemic or the unprecedented hurricane season of 27 named systems, three of which affected us here in Sussex County — Fay, Isaias, and Zeta,” Sussex County EOC Director Joseph L. Thomas said in a statement. “I know everyone is ready for a break, but we cannot take a break from readiness, no matter the season.
“Winter storms, particularly nor’easters, bring us some of our most intense weather each year. So we urge the public to take stock of their supplies and readiness plans now in case the winter months ahead are as challenging as the rest of 2020 has been for all of us.”
Sussex officials recommend that individuals winterize their vehicles, have snow shovels and other equipment handy, ensure the heater and defroster in their cars work, check the antifreeze levels and pack a winterization kit with an ice scraper, de-icer for door locks, blankets and sand or cat litter to provide grip if your vehicle becomes stranded.
Additionally, people should stay up to date on the weather forecast, create a profile with the county’s free service to provide potentially lifesaving information in advance, temporarily close off heat to some rooms and dress for the weather.
For more winter weather information and helpful tips, visit and click on the “Other Hazards” link on the left to download a useful guide about preparing for winter storms and other types of hazardous events.