Primos sworn in as Kent County Superior Court judge

DOVER — Committed to his family and guided by faith, Noel Eason Primos was sworn in as a new Kent County Superior Court Judge Thursday afternoon before a who’s who of the Delaware legal community.

A practicing attorney for more than 24 years with the Schmittinger and Rodriguez firm in Dover, Judge Primos replaces Robert B. Young, who retired earlier this year.

During an hour-long ceremony in Courtroom One of the Kent County Courthouse, Judge Primos thanked his parents in attendance for instilling the value of hard work in their restaurant business and the importance of always satisfying the customer.

Judge Primos believes “the powers of the office flow from the people I’m privileged to represent. I pray I will never forget that.”

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Caleb Glenn Primos held the Bible for his father as Supreme Court Justice James T. Vaughn Jr. administered the oath of office, along with Edward Chester Merriel.

Dover attorney Noel Eason Primos was sworn in as a Kent County Superior Court judge on Thursday afternoon. (Pool photo/Jason Minto)

The judge’s son, his father William Angelo Primos Sr. and brother Dr. William Angelo Jr. Primos Jr. held him don the robe for the first time.

Alluding to the judge’s Mississippi roots, Delaware Gov. John Carney described his appointee as a “real Southern gentleman” and there’s “something very reassuring about having someone like that on his bench.”

Beginning a familiar theme of tribute, the governor saluted for his “humility and civility (that) set him apart.”

With a “brilliant mind, calm, thoughtful manner and good dose of common sense,” Senate Minority leader F. Gary Simpson, R-Milford, said, the new judge didn’t have to be harsh bring justice to the bench.

“It’s nice to be able to talk about something good for a change and not the Delaware budget, so I’m very happy,” Sen. Simpson said.

“Judge Primos exemplifies a person who lives with Christian beliefs not on his arm but in his heart and lives that way every day.”

The new judge served as a mentor for attorney Adam C. Gerber of Morris James LLP and was “a calming presence in my life,” who taught him “not problem is insurmountable” and “showed me how to slow down because it’s all too easy to get distracted by the next task at hand.”

According to Mr. Gerber, each word Judge Primos speaks “seems individually chosen for a specific purpose. Every word has meaning.”

Retired Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland described the judge as a “well-rounded man for all seasons.” who as a “litigator in an adversarial role was known for his civility … he was known for his empathy.”

Judge Primos received a degree in English with summa cum laude honors from Vanderbilt University in 1986, earned a J.D. from Yale University in 1989 and was admitted to the Delaware bar in 1992.

He previously served on the Board of Bar Examiners of the Delaware Supreme Court, the Preliminary Review Committee of the Board on Professional Responsibility, the United States District Court Lawyers’ Advisory Committee, and the Third Circuit Court Advisory Committee.

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