Report: Delaware 3rd highest in sex offenders per capita in US

DOVER — At 491 per 100,000 people, Delaware has the third highest number of registered sex offenders per capita in the nation, according to a report by ASecureLife — a Utah-based security industry research and review firm.

Significantly higher, Oregon came in first place with 688 per 100,000 people, followed by Arkansas with 536.

Delaware’s western neighbor, Maryland, scored the lowest amount of sex offenders with only 125 per 100,000 people.

The data pulled for the report came from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which performs annual surveys of individual sex offender registries for each state.

The report recommends that residents in states with a high rate of sex offenders may want to keep track of those living in their neighborhoods.
The Delaware State Police offers search tool to help residents navigate the state’s registry at

Searches can also be made fore free at

Although ASecureLife notes that many sex offenders aren’t an immediate threat, they advise taking precautions:

• Get to know your neighbors:
It’s a good idea in general to get to know your neighbors, but if there’s a sex offender in your neighborhood, they can help keep an eye on your kids when they’re playing outside or waiting at the bus stop in the morning—especially if they have kids as well.

• Set safety standards with your kids:
Don’t let your kids wander the neighborhood alone. Make sure they’re always with a group or supervised by an adult. Consider driving them to school or walking them to the bus stop so they don’t get caught on their own.

• Install a home security system:
Upgrade your home with a security system that comes with cameras, motion detectors and intrusion sensors. That way you can keep a better eye on your home, property, and family’s protection even when you’re not home.

• Protect yourself:
Consider carrying small self-defense items like pepper spray if you’re running or walking alone — especially when it’s dark out.

• Keep an eye on the sex offender registry:
Sex offenders move as much as anyone else. Check back on the registry periodically to keep an eye on any new offenders that might have recently moved into your neighborhood.
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