Search continues for missing Dover woman

Ahyanna Baker-Griffin is pictured with her boyfriend, Dishiem Johnson

DOVER — A 20-year-old Dover woman remained missing Tuesday as police asked the public for any information to aid the search.

Ahyanna Baker-Griffin was last seen by family on Thursday morning as she left her South Queen Street home with her boyfriend, Dover Police said. She and Dishiem Johnson, 21, reportedly left in a dark colored Nissan Sentra with tinted windows, spokesman Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman said.

A family member went to the police station at approximately 3:29 p.m. Saturday to report Ms. Baker-Griffin as missing, police said. She didn’t attend a family function after leaving and has not reported to work, police said. She was last heard from by family on Thursday morning.

According to Cpl. Hoffman police Tuesday afternoon, “Mr. Johnson is not technically reported as missing at the present time. However, we have been unable to make contact with either person. Mr. Johnson is also being sought at this time despite that he has not been ‘reported missing.'”

Ms. Baker-Griffin and Mr. Johnson’s well being were a concern for all connected to her, police said.

“Anytime there is prolonged, unexplained, and unexpected absence without communication, or reporting for normal activities such as employment, there is concern for the parties involved,” Cpl. Hoffman said. “This case has presented all of these factors which is cause for concern for both parties.”

Based on a lack of “solid evidence” there was no way to determine whether Ms. Baker-Griffin’s absence was voluntary or involuntary, police said.

Police have been in consistent communication with the family since the report.

“It is safe to say that the unexpected absence and lack of communication is unusual according to the family as well,” Cpl. Hoffman said.

Police first notified the public of the investigation on Monday afternoon through news media and multiple social media accounts, with more posts scheduled to keep the case current. Dover PD’s posts have been shared, with 10,000 views as of 1 p.m. Tuesday.

“I believe family and friends have also shared multiple posts of their own which are garnering attention as well,” Cpl. Hoffman said.

“Obviously the more people that are aware, the higher chance we have at a sighting or obtaining other information that may be beneficial in the safe return of both persons.”

Detectives in Dover PD’s Criminal Investigations Unit were assigned to the case. Additionally, Cpl. Hoffman said, “All officers are aware of the case and Be on the Lookout (notices have been announced through) roll call to all shifts and via radio transmissions.”

Police said investigation continued and asked anyone with information is asked to call 736-7111. Callers may remain anonymous. Tips can also be submitted to law enforcement through tip lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or online at

As of Tuesday, Dover PD received 241 missing persons complaints in 2017 and 518 last year.

“The overwhelming majority of them are resolved quickly or determined to be voluntary by the subject reported missing,” Cpl. Hoffman said.

According to Cpl. Hoffman, “The large majority are ‘runaways’ that return relatively quickly, persons who skip school or flee a program that requires them to be reported missing, Gold Alerts, etc. “

Missing person guidelines

According to Dover Police, primary investigation into a missing person begins when:

A. When dispatched to a missing person/runaway complaint the responding officer will complete a missing person report, and immediately broadcast all relevant information regarding the missing person as it becomes available.

B. When a child has been abducted and believed to be in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death, the investigating officer should immediately contact his supervisor to initiate the AMBER plan, in accordance with Procedural Notice 41N.

C. If the initial investigation indicates that the person is a child, elderly or disabled, the investigating officer should contact his supervisor to see if the missing person qualifies for the “A Child is Missing Alert Program”. All queries should be in accordance with Procedural Notice 41J(1).

D. If the initial investigation indicates that the persons absence was involuntary, or if the missing person is a juvenile, an incapacitated person, a dependent adult, or is otherwise endangered the responding officer shall notify his supervisor. The supervisor will determine if an immediate follow-up investigation is necessary. If it is determined that an immediate search is necessary the supervisor will consider using all the resources available to them including but not limited to the following:

1. Amber Alert

2. Child is Missing Notification System

3. Delaware Information and Analysis Center (DIAC)

4. Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT)

5. K-9 search

6. Use of the Fire Department

7. Delaware State Police Helicopter

8. DNREC for waterways

9. Telephone calls to likely contacts of the missing person

10. Check of locations frequented by the missing person

11. Notification of surrounding jurisdictions

12. Notifying the media for assistance in disseminating the information. This will be completed through the Public Information Officer or on-call Lieutenant.

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