Sentencing Nov. 22 for ex-University of Delaware athlete

GEORGETOWN — A Nov. 22 sentencing date has been set for an ex-University of Delaware baseball player who is accused of a string of sexual assaults and was convicted in the first case brought to jurors.

Twenty-three-year-old Clay Conaway was convicted last week of fourth-degree rape. A Sussex County jury refused to convict him on more serious charges of first-degree or second-degree rape. Fourth-degree rape carries a maximum 15-year sentence but no mandatory prison time.

Conaway’s 21-year-old accuser drove to his house in 2018 three weeks after the two connected on the online meeting site Bumble and he sent her a nude picture of himself.

She is among six women that Conaway is charged with sexually assaulting between 2013 and 2018.

Trial in one of the other cases is set for December.

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