Silver Lake Park reopened today after recent closure

DOVER – Silver Lake Park reopened today after it was closed recently due to a Kent County sewer main line that had failed, causing a spill.

“None of the sanitary sewer overflow entered into Silver Lake itself, however, the spill did contaminate some of the grounds in that vicinity as well as the river downstream of the dam,” said Kay Sass, public affairs and emergency management coordinator for the city of Dover. “County staff responded, cleaned and spread lime in the area of the spill to disinfect and neutralize any harmful contaminants.”

Ms. Sass added that caution tape was placed around the contaminated area indicating the spill. Waterway samples were within an acceptable range from the first test. Soil samples were taken and continue to be monitored and the area has been greatly minimized that was impacted.

“It was in the best interest of the city to close the park until the contamination was under control,” said Ms. Sass. “The remaining pipe is being investigated in that area to confirm the integrity of the pipe. Some areas may be fenced off while testing and inspection is being completed.”

Patrons will see areas with safety fencing up in the park and city officials are asking for continued cooperation to avoid those areas and any equipment in the vicinity.

Anyone with questions regarding the park should contact the City Manager’s Office at 736-7005, while questions pertaining to the project should be directed to Kent County Department of Public Works 744-2430.