Smyrna’s Graham joining race for Delaware governor

DOVER — On Monday, past statewide candidate David C. Graham joined the race for governor when filing to enter the Delaware Republican primary on Sept. 15.

Five previous times, Mr. Graham’s bid for elected office fell short – he ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 2010 and 2014 and governor in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

David C. Graham

He remains undaunted while seeking to implement his core beliefs and said, “The only way to change things is through the political process and I’m still pushing for some much needed changes.”

If elected governor, Mr. Graham, 66, of Smyrna, said he would work to create an independent inspector general’s position to “weed out corruption in Delaware.” He pointed to contracts awarded by the Delaware Department of Transportation and outside auditors hired to evaluate state entities as needing review, among other concerns.

Also, Mr. Graham questions the qualifications of some state officials appointed by past and present governors Jack Markell and John Carney when “There are merit-based employees more qualified to handle their duties and assume a leadership position.”

And for his opinion of current Gov. Carney, Mr. Graham said, “He has been appointed and anointed to everything he has done.

“And when he became governor it was the first time he had a true load placed on him and he has performed badly since then.

“It began with his mishandling of the 2017 uprising at (James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna) to the current reopening of the state in regards to the coronavirus health emergency that continues on.”

Revamping a Family Court system he described as fostering a “slow, inefficient, uncaring” process with a lack of transparency is vital to Mr. Graham’s platform.

“The Family Court exists first and foremost for the financial benefit of those involved in the business of law, which are namely the lawyers,” he said.

Mr. Graham pointed to an editorial he wrote in February opining that Democrats who occupy all 11 statewide elected political offices in Delaware “continue to support what appears to be a tax-and-spend socialist agenda supported by political contributions from out-of-state donors, supplemented by maximum allowable contributions from Delaware Democratic lawyers, used to fuel Delaware Democratic election campaigns.”

Mr. Graham said he hoped to have a campaign website online “very soon.”

A former U.S. Army sergeant with the First Armored Division in Germany, Mr. Graham is currently a state of Delaware tax enforcement officer with a supervisory and training role in the Department of Finance.

Already declared for the governor’s race are Republicans state Sen. Colin Bonini of Camden, David Joseph Bosco of Greenwood, Julianne E. Murray, state Sen. Bryant L. Richardson of Seaford and Neil Shea of Wilmington.