Snow may be knocking on the door this weekend

DOVER — The weather setup for this weekend has snow preparing to take to the main stage for the first time in 2019.

In what has been a rainy — but so far snowless — winter for Kent and Sussex counties, WBOC-TV meteorologist Heidi Werosta said on social media Thursday afternoon to expect a snowy weekend, especially in central and parts of southern Delaware.

“This is what we’re watching for this winter storm, it’s definitely going to impact much of the (Delmarva) peninsula,” Ms. Werosta said. “I think the biggest issue we are watching out for is for most of Delaware and the mid-shore.

“It really just depends on where the snow band is going to lie and, of course, that rain band with the winter mix because those temperatures aren’t going to be perfect everywhere.”

Ms. Werosta did not provide any potential snow accumulation totals, saying it was too soon to make such a prediction.

“It is too soon for those totals,” she said. “I know that’s the question everybody wants the answer to, but we’re going to let those out (Friday) once we get a little bit more confidence in that.”

Ms. Werosta said she expects the snow to begin later in the afternoon on Saturday and continue into Sunday before heading off the coast on Sunday night.

“I can say some areas will have some heavy snow out there and it’s also not going to be that light snow – the light and fluffy stuff – it’s going to be that soggy great for snowmen and snowballs stuff,” she said. “It’s definitely feeling like winter outside. It’s cold out there right now.

“The cold air is definitely filtering on in for our system that we have.”

The National Weather Service is calling for high temperatures in Dover to be in the low to mid-30s on Saturday and Sunday, with a 60 percent chance of snow on Saturday and a 70 percent chance of snow on Sunday.

Greg Buchman, of Dover, said he’s sure local stores will be busy come today.

“Snow’s coming,” he said, “and you know that means it’s time to stock up of milk, bread and eggs and get as much toilet paper as you can. Not sure why that is every single time the word snow is mentioned, but I guarantee you the stores will be crazy.

“I just hope the liquor stores are open. There are playoff football games to watch this weekend.”

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