Sound Off Delaware: Milford comments

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Many business owners in downtown Milford rallied against comments made by Touch of Italy Owner Robert Ciprietti over the radio last month.

During a the appearance on Delaware’s 105.9 with anchor Susan Monday, Mr. Ciprietti said the reason has yet to open the Milford location after three years is due to “drug deals, crack hookers, people defecating all over the place …”

• Facts speaking: there isn’t significant enough crime to prohibit successful businesses from opening. While the bank has remained stagnant, a number of businesses have opened and are killing it all around Walnut Street. — Mike Perfetti

• Really dumb business move. Alienate and anger the neighborhood and the whole town before opening. — Jeffrey Dixon

• It’s really unfortunate that their owner would make such comments considering their employees at their actual restaurant and bakery are amazing. We have had amazing experiences especially with the Touch of Italy Bakery and we love them and would never go anywhere else so it’s really unfortunate that their owner would make such a misstep in his communication. — Rebecca Woodrum-Aiello

• Hard to believe that so many Milford business owners would join Mr. Ciprietti for anything rather then first making it clear that his position is completely overstated. Like all communities, Milford has some crime issues and I’m sure a couple of new policemen would help. Milford doesn’t need this man or his restaurant. — Richard Roberts

• As a person born and raised here in Milford, I can honestly say the man has no idea what the heart of this town is like. The people in Milford are a different sort than he’s used to dealing with. Insulting the town is not going to get him far at all, especially considering how involved and proactive its citizens are, and the pride that they take in the progress and renovation of the downtown area. Bad move on his part. — Jeremy P. Hughes

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