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Readers reacted to a recent letter by Bill Clemens headlined “Policies creating blue wave.”

• Sorry, Mr. Clemens, I have to respectfully disagree. I love that statement, the 800,000 DACA children have proven they are law abiding and tax paying. That is nearly hysterically wrong. Some have, others might, as they mature and take jobs. But to throw a blanket out and declare they have all crawled under your umbrella is just ignorant. Then there is the bit about socialism. Really? Have you ever looked up the definition of socialism? The military is not a socialist activity. Every single man and women, in a military uniform, is working for their pay.

Police forces are socialist entities? Put that uniform on and go to work for a few months. If you survive, we can talk about what you then think of their taking and not giving back. Libraries? Ben Franklin is credited with creating the first, as we now know them, lending library. Do you really think The Philadelphia Library Company was all about socialism? Even in today’s form, libraries, while supported by tax dollars, do not fit the definition of a socialist entity.

Socialism is not about expanding one’s horizons or educational level. Highways and public schools. I’d really like to know how you twist those into socialism? — Dennis Mehrenberg

• “To each according to his contribution. “– Marx in reference to publicly funded services such as roads, schools, and the military. Basically the system we all use to have a portion of our take-home pay contributing to all of these things today.

“After a deduction is made of the amount of labor which goes to the public fund, every worker, therefore, receives from society as much as he has given to it. He who does not work, neither shall he eat.”–Lenin

Seems to me these Socialist/Communist bogeymen are pretty concerned with a lot of your own values Mr. Mehrenberg. You also sort of defeat your own argument about the military/police not being a socialist entity seeing as they work long hours for the same pay regardless. Also, the military equally provides protection for members of our society who pay zero taxes as well as the people who pay millions. That, in and of itself, is Socialist in nature.

I’m not a socialist, nor do I think socialism should replace our capitalist system. However, I think you mistakenly lash out at Mr. Clemens and socialism as a whole due to your preconceived notions that liberalism/socialism/communism are all anti-American. — Jeff Haycraft

• Socialism is not “taxpayer funds being used collectively to benefit society.” It is government controlling the individual’s opportunities to make life better. There are certainly decisions which hurt other people without breaking any laws, but these are best addressed through social pressure. People who want to be accepted by society need to show some respect for the people around them. — Charles Miller

• The average person collects far more in Social Security benefits than they paid into it. Importing more workers to pay into Social Security to prevent the shortfall just kicks the can down the road. Someday those workers will be collecting more Social Security than they paid in. Oh, solution! We can just import more workers to pay for those payouts. — Jim Price

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