Speak Out: Fairy tales?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Fairy tales being told at ‘failing’ Trump rallies?”

• Just remember, Trump beat Hillary with “low approval ratings” and none of the current candidates are as big of a threat to Trump as Hillary was. — Jim Price

• It bears reminding that Trump’s aggregate approval rating the day before Election Day 2016 was 37.5% — almost 5 points lower than it is at this moment — yet he still won. All questions of candidate quality and personalities aside, Trump did like almost every successful presidential candidate has done in our lifetimes: he found a “new way” to win. Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter did the same thing, but in different ways, in different times, with different groups of voters.

For brevity, the Trump team used the latest technology to ultra-target a few hundreds (maybe even tens) of thousands of voters in swing states where it would do them the most good. Hillary, on the other hand, made 47 trips to California, and none to Wisconsin. Did Trump waste time and money on a huge ground game to run up the score in, say, Texas, a state he was going to win anyway? No, he did not. — Matt Bucher

• All I see is flag-waving proud Americans, I don’t think they had one flag at the Democratic debate. — Stephen Terrance Herd

All I see is very predominant white folks and many exaggerations and lies. — Elaine Russell Ringler

•So, Biden talks like a sailor in front of little kids. Remember – “This is a big fu##ing deal!” at the signing of a bill with young children standing inches away? Or even his conversation admitting the quid pro quo dropping expletives that had to become be bleeped??

Moving on to the polls of approval ratings – remember Hillary won according to those polls! Your next problem, him being not liked by other nations — we do not need to be liked — we need to protect our interests. Obama was liked and other countries rolled all over us. That is no more. Trump just made peace in an area at war with our involvement for over 10 years! He is not all talk, like previous presidents. He strikes fear, which promotes resolution. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• So, we’re supposed to sit back and watch this hatchet job on our President? Though it’s being done in secret, the Progressive Dems are leaking selective lies (It’s supposed to be classified information) to the complicit press and we’re getting another Mueller investigation production.. The House Republicans, like John Radcliffe, in on those “secret” meetings are calling it “just more lies.” We’ve got Communists running the ever-sacred rites of our government and hiding their corrupt tactics. — Kathy Phillips-Page

• Trump was elected because he is not, I repeat “is not” your typical politician. He says it like it is and does what needs to be done. He may be brash, narcissistic etc. But I’ll take him over your garden variety politician every day. And twice on election day. I could only hope that one of his sons run in 2028. — Bob Hice

• “Tells it like it is.” I’d like one person to say what that is. What is “it”? — Paul D Hayes

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