Sponsors show true colors with Flags for Heroes


DOVER— Travelers going past Delaware Technical Community College may think they are seeing start humming “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

More than 350, 3-by-5-foot American flags will be on display as drivers pass by the college at the intersection of Scarborough Road and U.S. 13.

The second annual Flags for Heroes campaign acknowledge not only all who put their lives on the line for others, but also people who have made a difference in a sponsor’s life.

The flags will be on display from today to June 1, in conjunction with Memorial Day.

Sponsors paid $50 per flag and designated the person they wish to honor.

The list of sponsors and heroes are published in the Delaware State News on pages 20 and 21.

The Capital City Rotary Club and Delaware Technical Community College’s Terry Campus organized the campaign to honor the heroes.

“Delaware Tech Terry Campus is proud to partner with Capital City Rotary on this public display of American flags on our campus to honor our nation’s military, first responders and other heroes who help serve our communities and country,” said Dr. June Turansky, vice president and campus director.

Marion Klein, co-chair of the Capital City Rotary Club, said it’s a great location for visitors.

“Last year was our first year,” Ms. Klein said. “Several other rotary clubs have done this and our club decided we wanted to do it. We talked to June to see if she had any interest in partnering with us and she said absolutely.

“We get so much exposure at this location. We had about 300 flags last year and we have over 350 this year. We hope to increase each year.”

Scott Foltz, president of the Capital City Rotary Club, shared the same sentiment.

“It started out being only for first responders and military, but as it’s grown it has went to family members, or anyone that may seem special to you in your life,”Mr. Foltz said.

“The flag display speaks for itself. We gave voice to the people that wanted to honor someone individually. People came to us and said they wanted to give that voice to someone. They wanted that person to be recognized and that’s what this does.”

The flags will be retained and reused in subsequent years. Proceeds will be designated for scholarships, youth programs, and military and civic groups.

Mayor Robin Christiansen said it’s important to honor heroes, as some of the flags has significance to him.

“One honors my father, who was a major in the United States Army, who fought in WWII and the Korean War,” Mayor Christiansen said.

The other one is on behalf of all of our citizens in the city of Dover that serve and protect our country.”

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