State GOP chief: Sussex leaders’ comments ‘wholly unacceptable’

DOVER — The state Republican Party is condemning remarks critical of women made by leaders in the Sussex County GOP.

In audio recordings released by the political blog Delaware Right, several officials in the county party referred to women as being quick to resort to name-calling.

Sussex Republican Vice Chairman Fred Silva said, “The problem today is you have a bunch of, what’s the word for them, metrosexuals who are willing to listen to the women.”

According to Delaware Right, the remarks were made on the Sussex County radio station WGMD on Aug. 10, hours before the party was to elect a county chairman.

Host Duke Brooks, a member of the 14th Representative District Executive Committee, said on the air, “Females very often, or if not generally, are a little faster to start using verbal insults and name-calling than men are,” to which Mr. Silva responded by making his comments.

In a statement released Wednesday, Charlie Copeland, chairman of the state GOP, called the dialogue “wholly unacceptable.”

“It is beyond my comprehension that any Republican official would harbor such bias, let alone promote these demeaning opinions in a public forum,” he said.

On the air, Mr. Brooks and Mr. Silva also discussed gender dynamics.

“What motivates men to be interested in women is so dramatically different from what motivates women to be interested in men, sometimes I wonder how the human race has been able to perpetuate itself through reproduction, the two are so motivated by such different things,” Mr. Brooks said.

Mr. Brooks said Wednesday he did not regret making the comments and felt the state party and others had made a bigger deal out of it than they should have.

“I just think this has more in common with the idea of political correctness than the idea of freedom of speech,” he said, later referring to those who criticized him as behaving like “liberal Democrats.”

Mr. Silva declined comment.

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