State’s teachers union endorses three Democrats

DOVER — The Delaware State Education Association announced Wednesday it has endorsed Bethany Hall-Long for lieutenant governor and Trinidad Navarro for insurance commissioner. Both are Democrats.

State Sen. Hall-Long, who represents the Middletown area, is one of seven candidates, including six Democrats, seeking the vacant lieutenant governor’s office. Mr. Navarro, the sheriff of New Castle County, seeks to dethrone incumbent Karen Weldin-Stewart in the primary for insurance commissioner.

The DSEA made the endorsements after a committee consisting of both Democratic and Republican educators from across the state spoke to candidates on a variety of education-related topics.

The union also endorsed Democratic state Sen. Bryan Townsend for the U.S. House last week.

In statements, DSEA President Frederika Jenner praised all three candidates, saying Sen. Hall-Long “will advocate effectively for our students and educators,” Mr. Navarro “is the best candidate willing to put the needs of plan holders, children and state employees before those of the insurance companies” and Sen. Townsend “understands the challenges facing educators, parents and school districts and is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to make sure every child can succeed.”

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