Sussex County employees saluted for exceptional customer service

GEORGETOWN — Employees of Sussex County nominated for exceptional customer service were publicly recognized as second-quarter honorees at the June 11 county council meeting.

Among that group, three employees — Kristin Cooper (South Coastal Library), Chad Maris (Sussex EMS Paramedics) and Anna West (Sussex EMS Paramedics) — all received honorable mention from the selection committee.

Three Sussex County employees received honorable mention for exceptional customer service in the second quarter of 2019 in the county’s employee recognition program. In photo from left, Sussex County Council President Michael Vincent, employee honorees Chad Maris, Kristin Cooper and Anna West, and County Administrator Todd Lawson.

Second-quarter recognition was presented by Gina Jennings, Sussex County finance director.

Kristen Cooper — Normal staffing at South Coastal Library is usually six but due to multiple circumstances only two were on duty March 1, which was the opening day of registration for the library’s March programs.

The phone rang non-stop during the day during which Ms. Cooper registered 99 patrons, remaining “calm, polite and courteous to every single caller, Ms. Jennings said.

Chad Maris — Mr. Maris arrived at the scene with a patient slumped over in the driver’s seat and he quickly noticed that the vehicle was still in drive and the patient’s foot was resting on the brake pedal, holding the vehicle in place.

“The patient awoke but was very disoriented. The patient’s foot slipped off the brake pedal and car began to move forward,” Ms. Jennings said. “Chad could have allowed the vehicle roll away with the patient in it without injuring himself. However, Chad immediately dove into the car, forced the shifter into park and shut off the engine. Chad’s quick actions and situational awareness prevented what could have been a motor vehicle crash with others involved.”

Anna West — Ms. West was dispatched to a scene where a boy found his mother in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, Anna was the only one there who could tell the boy there was nothing else that could be done for his mother, Ms. Jennings said.

“Anna held the boy in her arms and had a moment of tears together,” Ms. Jennings shared. “Hearing that the boy was hungry, Anna made sure that she got him what he said was his favorite food – a sub from Wawa. Anna deserves to be recognized for her utmost care, not only for the patient but for the patient’s family.”

Typically, one quarterly honoree is selected an overall winner, with several honorable mentions. But not this quarter.
“The committee could not pick one winner this time, so they all were honorable mention this quarter,” said Ms. Jennings.

Four years ago, Sussex County established the Give’Em the Pickle, an employee recognition initiative developed by nationally-recognized motivational speaker Bob Farrell.

Employees may be nominated by co-workers, supervisors, customers or county residents. A committee comprised of supervisors and employees review all the submittals.

Recipients are publicly recognized at county council meetings during each quarter.

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