Sussex offers SizeUp data service to help small businesses grow

GEORGETOWN — Sussex County is offering small business owners a new way to upsize their ventures and achieve greater success.

Sussex County has partnered with Size-Up, an Internet-based research company, to integrate its financial technology service into the county’s economic development website,

The company’s Local Business Intelligence (LBI) service will be offered free of charge to existing and start-up small businesses in southern Delaware.

SizeUp is an intelligence service that enables business owners to evaluate their competitiveness and make decisions based on various data to increase revenue and save money. SizeUp provides many of the same demographic, industry, geographic, business, and cost data that large corporations rely on to make informed decisions, but provides it to users – namely small business and start-up operators – at no cost through partnerships with banks, chambers of commerce, and local governments like Sussex County.

William Pfaff

“Small business owners face a variety of challenges on the path to success. Unfortunately, many don’t make it,” said Sussex County Economic Director William Pfaff said. “We believe SizeUp helps to level the playing field for small businesses, and we are proud to offer this vital service to help our local entrepreneurs succeed.”

In addition to the service being offered on the county’s economic development website, local municipalities will be offered a free link to SizeUp as well, to ensure the product reaches as wide an audience as possible, said Mr. Pfaff.

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