Sussex Register of Wills offers safe, confidential storage of wills

Sussex County Register of Wills Cindy Green wants residents to know that wills can be kept at the Register of Wills office for $10. (Submitted photo)

GEORGETOWN — Sussex County Register of Wills Cindy Green reminds residents Sussex County is now on the same authorized ground as New Castle County for safe storage of wills.

With unanimous Delaware General Assembly passage of Senate Bill 238, which amends Title 12 of Delaware Code, Sussex County now offers the same service provided upstate for depositing, safe keeping and confidentially storing an original will, Ms. Green said.

“For a small fee of $10 a will can be deposited with my office and kept until the death of the testator (the maker of the will),” said Ms. Green. “This is offered as an alternative for someone who potentially does not have a safety deposit box or has not given it to an attorney to hold until the testator’s death.”

Ms. Green encourages everyone to have a will written, signed and notarized.

“This is especially important if you are a landowner, have significant assets and minor children,” said Ms. Green. “While it is difficult to think about these things, it is best to have a will properly drawn up so your wishes can be carried out in the manner you desire.”

State Sen. Bryant Richardson was primary sponsor of SB 238. Additional sponsors were State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn and now Sen. David Wilson, with Sen. Gerald Hocker and Rep. Paul Baumbach co-sponsors.

SB 238 passed the Senate 19-0, and won 40-0 approval in the House of Representatives. It was signed by Gov. John Carney in July 2018.

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