‘Taco Town’ reopens after state inspection

FRANKFORD — A Sussex County restaurant reopened on Dec. 13, two days after a state inspection detected roach infestation, expired permit for more than a year and improper cooling of foods, among other violations.

Taco Town at 34501 N. DuPont Boulevard passed a Delaware Division of Health follow-up inspection two days later, and a pest service visit was noted. The next service was scheduled for Dec. 24, followed by visits every two weeks for two months, then on a monthly basis.

An attempt to reach the management for comment Wednesday afternoon was unsuccessful.

Also, the inspection found that the establishment had been cleaned and an expired permit from Sept. 17, 2017 updated. Earlier, a “large quantity of foods” was found to be improperly cooled and a food service employee was seen using improper hand washing methods. No certified food protection manager was on site, which the inspector said had been an issue for two years.

While Raid inspect spray was located and used to control roaches, the inspector said “this is prohibited.” The business was ordered to “dispose of old retail food items.”


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