Testimony continues in Dover apartment murder trial


DOVER — A slain man’s relative described seeing two armed men exit an apartment building after shots were fired on Jan. 10, 2017, one limping and “lagging along” while the other waved and said “C’mon man.”

The witness testimony open the third day of a murder trial involving two Maryland men and the alleged shooting death of Javan Cale at his Clearfield Apartments residence last year. She lived one floor below the shooting scene, according to testimony, and was inside the apartment every day.

From the stand in Superior Court on Thursday, the woman remembered both men wearing pulled up hoodies, with “chin strap-style beards” and toting two black colored guns, details which she relayed to investigating police.

Worton residents Guy E. Jones, 28, and DePaul Wilson, 37, each pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and other offenses allegedly connected to the fatal shooting. The prosecution referred to the men as cousins who lived on adjacent properties at the time of the alleged incident.

The woman acknowledged that the late Mr. Cale dealt drugs from the residence to provide for his family, and carried a gun after being previously robbed at the Clearfield complex at 120 Haman Drive in west Dover. He always went to the door to answer knocks with a firearm, she said, and even once pointed a weapon at her face upon arrival. She described him as “paranoid” about answering knocks at the door.

The woman said she tried to advise Mr. Cale to “slow it down” but he remained busy due to the stress of financial troubles. He also made money building chicken houses, she said. At one point there was so much traffic that management posted notices on every door, she said. Mr. Cale rarely left the home, she said.

Mr. Cale was found barely clinging to life due to gunshot wounds after Dover Police responded to a 911 call at 7:47 p.m. at the apartment complex. He was pronounced dead at Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital in Dover approximately an hour later, according to testimony.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Wilson were arrested on Feb. 14, 2017 and indicted on June 5, 2017 after extradition from Maryland. They are being held in custody by the Delaware Department of Correction.

Deputy Attorneys General Stephen R. Welch Jr. and Sean Motoyoshi are prosecuting the case. Attorneys Patrick J. Collins and Suzanne MacPherson-Johnson are representing the defendants. Resident Judge William L. Witham Jr. is officiating the trial.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Wilson were arrested on Feb. 14, 2017 and indicted on June 5, 2017 after extradition from Maryland.

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