Testimony enters third day in Bordley murder trial

DOVER — A Kent County paramedic recalled examining an unresponsive man at the Port Mahon pier two years ago and reporting the vital signs to a doctor who pronounced the time of death.

The testimony began the third day of Daiquan T. Bordley’s murder trial involving the shooting death of Dontray Hendricks in 2016.

Mr. Bordley, 24, of Smyrna, is charged with first-degree murder and robbery counts possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and second-degree conspiracy.

The defendant is charged with fatally shooting Mr. Hendricks in what was allegedly first planned as a robbery for drugs and money on March 29, 2016.

Two persons who pleaded guilty to felony charges in the case testified on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday, the paramedic said he arrived on scene and found Mr. Hendricks lying face down near the end of the wooden pier, without a pulse and not breathing, his skin cold to the touch and with no electrical activity to the heart.

After consulting with a physician at Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital in Dover, the paramedic said information was written on a “dead on paramedic arrival” band and turned over to Delaware State Police.

The paramedic and his partner had arrived at the scene with Little Creek Fire Department personnel present, he testified.

While the time of death was officially listed at 1:13 p.m., the paramedic acknowledge that Mr. Hendricks could have perished hours before.

Deputy Attorneys General Lindsay A. Taylor and Alicia A. Porter then called on Delaware Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Gary Collins, who reviewed a report that determined Mr. Hendricks died of a gunshot wound to the upper right chest that exited his body.

Dr. Collins also viewed photos taken during an autopsy performed by a now-retired Deputy Chief Medical Examiner.

Dr. Collins testified that the bullet traveled in an upward path from right to left, and was fired at a close range. He could not, however, determine the height of the shooter or whether or not the shooter or Mr. Hendricks were moving at the time. Mr. Hendricks was listed as being 5-foot-3 in the medical examiner’s report.

Resident Judge William L. Witham Jr. is overseeing the bench trial proceedings, with attorney Andre’ M. Beauregard representing the defendant.

After being arrested without incident in Smyrna on April 29, 2016, Mr. Bordley was indicted by a grand jury on July 5, 2016. He is being held at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna.

Mr. Bordley waived the right to a speedy trial on Aug. 4, 2017, and his attorney said an earlier plea offer was declined.

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