Testimony focuses on driver at murder trial

DOVER — At trial Tuesday, the defense alluded to a supposed 55-minute interval between gunshot to hospital arrival regarding last year’s death of a 20-year-old Smyrna man wounded outside an after-prom party.

Jameir Vann-Robinson arrived at Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital without a pulse on May 13, 2018, medical personnel testified in the first-degree murder case against Ahmir Bailey, 20, of Lincoln. He was transported by a friend who took a circuitous route from the unit block of Mitscher Road shooting scene to the hospital, according to testimony.

The driver spent 30 minutes on the phone with his mother on the way, she said, and “I could tell he was really scared, he didn’t know what to do … he was in shock.”

Ahmir Bailey

A responding Bayhealth Emergency Room employee said “The driver was all over the place, he was crying, he couldn’t get his words out.”

Also, the mother said her son had little or no experience in driving. She arrived at the hospital just a couple minutes before him, the mother testified. The mother then moved the vehicle to the hospital’s parking garage as medical personnel attempted to save the man suffering a gunshot to the lower left back, she said.

Mr. Vann-Robinson was pronounced dead at 3:25 a.m. Before that, however, the employee attempted to remove him from the back of a vehicle and “At that time I realized he was not alive.”

Surveillance video indicated the wounded man and his friend arrived at the hospital just before 3 a.m. Medical staff spent roughly 20 minutes performing CPR in an attempt to revive him, according to testimony.

Based on an autopsy and the extent of an injury to the aorta, Delaware Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Gary Collins estimated that Mr. Vann-Robinson likely survived just a few minutes after being shot and “If he lived more than 30 minutes I’d be surprised.” The injury caused an excess of internal bleeding, he said.

A Dover Police Criminal Investigations Unit detective testified that Mr. Bailey and co-defendant Eugene Riley (who has a separate case ongoing), were stopped in a vehicle on May 14, 2018 in the Capitol Green neighborhood. The men were taken into custody and a search warrant was obtained for a residence on Cubbage Pond Road in Lincoln, police said.

The search located a black bookbag with a loaded .40 caliber firearm inside, gloves and a bandanna. Also found were a 9mm Luger cartridge, police said. No fingerprints were taken at the scene, according to the officer.

Charges include first-degree murder and attempted murder, along with multiple counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, shoplifting, conspiracy, burglary, possession of firearm/ammunition by person prohibited and theft.

Mr. Bailey was indicted on Nov. 5, 2018. He is being held by the Delaware Department of Correction.

Attorneys Andre’ M. Beauregard and Zachary A. George are representing Mr. Bailey, with Deputy Attorneys General Gregory R. Babowal and Kevin Smith prosecuting for the state. Superior Court Resident Judge William L. Witham Jr. is overseeing the proceedings.

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