Three beach businesses found in violation of emergency rules

REHOBOTH BEACH — While law enforcement reported a largely uneventful Memorial Day beach weekend, three area businesses were issued cease and desist orders for state of emergency violations related to COVID-19, according to authorities.

On Saturday, Thelma Dale IV and Thelma Dale V Charters in Lewes and Summer Place Hotel in Rehoboth Beach received orders, along with Captain’s Lady Charters in Bowers Beach.

Captain’s Lady Charters received another order on Sunday, its third overall.

The Delaware Emergency Management agency said a criminal summons was issued after Captain’s Lady Charters’ second order. It noted that fishing charters and cruise charters are currently designated as nonessential businesses.

Summer Place Hotel was ordered to cease and desist providing commercial lodging for non-essential guests and Thelma Dale IV and V Charters was deemed as a non-essential business.

At least 20 cease and desist orders have been issued statewide since late March.

No citations issued

Just less than 7% of the 6,827 vehicles traveling through a Del. 1 southbound checkpoint on Friday had out-of-state license plates as troopers informed motorists of Gov. John Carney’s travel restrictions.

Delaware State Police spokeswoman Master Cpl. Melissa Jaffe said no citations were issued from 4 to 8 p.m. just north of the Nassau Bridge as the main priority was to educate visitors.

Directed patrols continued throughout the weekend and Cpl. Jaffe said an education-first approach on the governor’s orders brought no arrests or citations.

The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement conducted “Cops in Shops” investigations that involved watching for any underage persons on the premises of liquor stores. DATE Director John Yeomans said no violations were seen or arrests made.

Some officers “did make contact with a handful of liquor licensees regarding congregating or consumption on the premises and they were verbally warned and they came into compliance immediately,” Mr. Yeomans said.

“Some of the assistance we provided was at the request of local law enforcement. We also support those same agencies for backup and other assistance when called upon.

“That’s just standard in that we monitor the radios for requests or respond depending on the nature of the incident to support other agencies.

“Sometimes people are just misinformed or misinterpret the various directives and we recognize these are difficult times so our first approach has been to educate and help businesses.”

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