Tropical Storm Isaias brings damage to Dover area

DOVER – Tornadoes and strong winds came along with Tropical Storm Isaias to the city of Dover at around 9:30 this morning as Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen issued a state of emergency for the city.

The state of emergency included driving restrictions and the city asked residents to stay home and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Street poles were askew on the edge of Division Street across from Booker T. Washington Elementary School and a church and several homes in the area had received damage from the high winds. A Dover police patrol car blocked the road from traffic in the area.

On Del. 10 and near Moore’s Lake it appeared as if a tornado had touched down, cutting a path through the area, Calvary Church and across the road into an adjoining neighborhood, where trees where snapped at their trunks and damage to several homes had occurred.

There was no official confirmation yet from the National Weather Service on if any of the damage was the result of tornadoes.