Truck donated to Food Bank of Delaware

DOVER — Even if she noticed the swirling wintry mix, Carol Bell wasn’t too bothered.

Her mind was primarily focused on securing food for her grandchildren, a far more pressing daily concern than the outside elements.

There was no ignoring the Food Bank of Delaware’s new “Drive Out Hunger” truck that debuted at Calvary Church on Tuesday afternoon, however.

“It’s awesome, it’s very much needed,” Ms. Bell said as she waited for donated food packages to be distributed from the site at 1141 East Lebanon Road.

“Anything that helps spread the opportunity for receiving assistance is greatly welcomed.

“A lot of people can’t or don’t take advantage of what’s available to them and this makes it easier. Food stamps for a family of five won’t make it through the month and folks need help.”

Standing nearby was Food Bank volunteer Donald Dear, who reasoned that the 26-foot box truck would draw attention to the cause when traveling through Delaware towns loaded up with goods.

“It’s a big advertisement that reminds people that the Food Bank is out there on the move,” he said just before beginning to fill food packages for handouts.

Added Mr. Dear, “In hard times when these people are laid off, not working, in a bind I really enjoy volunteering to help them out by doing this.”

Raising funds for the refrigerated $100,000 truck was a collaboration between Perdue Farms, the Harry K Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Acme.

“This will be so wonderfully used,” said Food Bank of Delaware President and CEO Patricia Dobbe Beebe.

Volunteers from Perdue and the community commenced unloading the truck and transferring the foods to more than 70 needy families.

“We are extremely thankful for our long partnership with the Food Bank of Delaware,” said Kim Nechay, executive director of the Perdue Foundation.

“We are elated to be part of this collaborative partnership that provides such a valuable resource for the food bank.
“The work they do in the First State, where we live and work, is helping alleviate food insecurity, and we’re proud to help them deliver a little hope to our neighbors.”

For Felton resident Marlene Shields, the joy in volunteering comes from assisting over and over again.

“Once you see people come through a couple times they start to recognize you and show their appreciation for helping,” she said. “You can just see in their eyes how much this means to them.”

Calvary Church Benevolence Director Margaret Young noted that 1 in 6 children wake up hungry and go to school each day and more than 117,000 Delawareans are food insecure.

“A large part of who we are (and what we love to do is serve our community,)’ ” she said. “Food is one of those ways we do it.”
More information about the Food Bank of Delaware is available by calling 292-1305 or online at

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