Truitt second woman to hold mayoral reins in Millsboro

MILLSBORO – There’s a changing of the governmental guard in Millsboro.

Longtime council member Michelle Truitt is the new mayor – the second woman to hold the mayoral position in town of Millsboro history.

Ms. Truitt, vice mayor this past year, was elected mayor by unanimous vote during mayor/council’s annual reorganization at the July 1 meeting. She succeeds John Thoroughgood.

Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt

“We just want to continue the controlled growth,” said Mayor Truitt. “We want to see the new town hall. We’ve been working on it and want to see it come to fruition as well as the new police station, so that we can provide more services to the residents.”

Mr. Thoroughgood assumes Mayor Truitt’s previous seat on town council. He had been looking to relinquish the mayoral reins with plans to do more traveling.

“I’m going to travel a little bit,” said Mr. Thoroughgood. “And being the mayor, it’s time- consuming. You are pretty well obligated and stuck to the town. Mayor needs to be on call all of the time.”

“And Michelle has been a councilman for a long time. We felt it would be a good fit,” said Mr. Thoroughgood, whose current three-year council terms runs through June of 2022. “We have a lot going on so I wanted to stay on the council, so I could actually finish some stuff that we’ve already started.”

Mayor Truitt said another goal is “just trying to improve on our services and continue to be more efficient and effective – and open the communication up to the residents.”

Also, at the July 1 reorganization, Councilman Tim Hodges was elected vice mayor on the town’s seven- member governing body.

“Michelle has been on the council a long time, as well as Tim Hodges,” said Mr. Thoroughgood. “We’ve got seasoned people on the council still, and that’s a good thing.”

Millsboro’s first woman mayor was Thelma Monroe, who served as mayor from 1979 to 1994.

A native of Frankford, Mayor Truitt has lived in Millsboro since she was 18. She and husband Rob have two daughters.

She is a sixth-grade teacher in the Indian River School District and has taught at Millsboro Middle School for 26 years. She currently teaches social studies.

Mayor Truitt plans to continue her volunteer work in the town. Often, she is accompanied by daughters Lindy and Leigha.

“Personally, I get my girls involved because I believe in giving back to the community,” Mayor Truitt said. “We did all the Christmas decorations on poles, and we’re doing more this summer.”

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